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According to their different personalities different toys
Mar 09, 2017

The view was expressed that toys are a child's mentor, is the child's friends. In fact, this view is not entirely correct. A toy for a child can be a good teacher, are good friends; and the children of a different character, it may be mediocre Division, is a bad company. Like, blocks, and product plastic, and chess, and beaded, need "meditation" of toy, for sat not, attention easily concentrated of children for, more play they, conducive to training children perseverance and note of insisted sex; and these toy, for those character withdrawn not love moving, and silence oligonucleotide language, and not gregarious of of children for, more easy makes they indulged Yu this, and lost many and people contacts of opportunities, children more indulged Yu this, they on more became withdrawn not love moving, and silence oligonucleotide language, and not group.
So, when we choose toys for their children, in addition to their general functions, also note that according to the child's personality, choose toys suitable for their mental health. For example, buy special toys for shy boy, its capital to attract other young children, and derive with people, share happiness. Eccentric immobile, silent little language, alienated children, provides dynamic, toys, friction toys, voice-activated toys, make them in a relaxed, free, not in the oppressive atmosphere of the game chasing cars, planes, tanks, marching around bassinet, and interoperable with the junior partner, with the same toys. The fun of the game effectively mobilizing these child activities of the initiative, so that they have a pleasant experience and confidence, and gradually form a lively and cheerful personality.

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