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Children choose their own toys
Mar 09, 2017

Children without a care of toys, especially older children, a toy to play with soon, they will be discarded. European family parents guide when selecting toys kids love toys and children knows the value of toys from the toy. Parents tend to give children pocket money every month, and tells him that it is his money to buy toys. Some parents let their children make their own toys budget exceeds the budget can't buy the toys. For older children, some parents let them also participate in housework to "reward", and used the extra money to buy the toys they want. This exercise of children daily life skills, and can increase the child's sense of economic, knows money is not easy, the toy he will cherish.
Many Chinese parents are relying on their willingness to buy gifts for children, thinking that the more sophisticated toys, the more will bring a big smile. However, parents pay attention to cultivating children's ability to choose their own toys. When I first started, children will first pick sound-light effect of electronic toys, but the toys kids usually play it won't be long before I get bored. At this time, the parents guide their children to play in Europe that is conducive to hands-on and brains of toys.

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