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China's consumption market maturity is improving
Mar 09, 2017

Survey shows, toy safety, functionality, refer to the highest number, 55%, quality, appearance, consumer appeal than almost one-third. As they grow older, gradually enhance product functionality is concerned.
Growing consumer brand awareness, a city consumer brand-sensitive, 80% know the exact brand name, top 10 total Department store sales accounted for more than 50%. Transformers, high intelligence, Barbie, hot wheels, good children occupy the top brand awareness; in buying toys, Fisher price, LEGO, Audi double diamond, Barbie doll, Bandai, good children and other top.
In the higher-priced toys become new hot consumption spots
This survey shows that in 2010, give their children to buy toys (rewards, special offers, discounts, child growth of children required daily) the consumer share of respondents was first breakthroughs 60%, gradually increasing purchase frequency, toy consumption market in China is huge. China toy Association in the "toy" Twelve-Five "plan" stressed that by 2015 annual domestic toy consumption in 2010, 100%, up to 60 billion yuan.
Toy consumers more and more rational, tended to buy better quality and prices are superior products, 50-200 the most popular, more than 300 yuan is mainly used for daily gifts. According to the most recent purchases and statistics, puzzle, 0-3, infant toys, plastic electronic electric model, children's rides, such as 10%, representing consumers.

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