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Don't buy too many toys
Mar 09, 2017

Many parents think the toy, the more, the better the child's development. So there are willing to invest in buying toys – if the child likes, expensive toys you can buy him – even under very tight budget, scrimp and save to buy his favorite toy for their kids ... ...
But research showed that, children while has too much of toy, not only on its psychological development no how many benefits, instead also has harm--too much of toy will makes children easy habit rambling, attention not concentrated, and not stable, work not seriously, and not detailed of habits and old, and rolling stone, bad character; while, too much of toy, also will makes children habit waste of habits, not know care toy, free put toy broke again to new of, serious who also will makes children habit toy "damage fetish".
Instead, the toys less appropriately, to a certain extent so that children learn to concentrate, but also to children old toys new play, is conducive to fully tap the potential education function of toys plus toys somewhat insufficient, children will try to create a toy you want, this will be beneficial to the child, in particular the development of creativity.

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