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Frequent updates fast kid toys new products parents headaches
Mar 09, 2017

Since last year, with the animation film hit, toy manufacturers are eyeing business opportunities, follow, cartographically cartoon characters cartoon toys. These models came out of the TV movie, quickly become kids love baby. 3rd morning, reporters at the hypermarket in the city's toy Shoppe and some toy stores, now hit the goat and Wolf, and Ultraman and transformers films and cartoon model being sold as main product, many children holiday dragged their parents to buy.
Reporters found that although only a cartoon model, but the prices are not cheap, a little better will have sixty or seventy, and live-action Transformers price is 599 yuan. Some parents with children toys reflected to reporters, the current toy update too fast, often just buy back home for a few days, new toy came out, she saw someone who had, their own children are clamoring, and these toys bad hasn't place can only be thrown away in vain, too bad.
Dongfeng siping Road Street and intersection of a toy store, the reporter met with the children to buy toys people Zhang XING. He told reporters that their son is 8 years old, loves to watch cartoons, last month bought an Ottoman, and now a transformers more than more than 200 Yuan as a birthday gift.

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