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Production of resin crafts
Sep 21, 2018

Resin crafts have always been a kind of high-end crafts, although it is not very popular now, but many people like this craft very much. The resin material is crystal clear and exquisite, but for this more expensive crafts, we must not only pick, but also pay attention to the maintenance of crafts in the usual life.

1, pinhole, oil hole

In the production process of resin crafts, many small holes appear on the surface of many products. For these pores, we generally have the following solutions.

1. Control the amount of oil involved before the production of the pulp, and then mix it evenly.

2. In the process of production, some resin materials with relatively high concentration are used to reduce the stratification of the slurry when the stone powder is added.

3, pay attention to the humidity when filling the stone powder, if too much water will lead to stratification.

4, must strictly control the amount of oil involved, in the environment that does not affect the shotcrete, the less the better.

2, stomata

In the production process of handicrafts, in addition to the very complicated crafts, we can easily find the pores in places with relatively high resistance such as corners.

1. In the process of fine and complex mold design, the problem of stomata should be considered. At the corner, a venting port should be added to facilitate the evacuation effect and reduce the probability of stomata.

2. Try to use less white and red materials as much as possible to increase the time for the resin crafts to solidify, in order to save enough time to extract the air from the mold.

3, to ensure that the evacuation speed of resin crafts in the vacuum box quickly reaches 0.2Mpa, such evacuation effect is very good.

4. Use some dilute resin raw materials or fill some fillers to make relatively thin pulp raw materials, so that the air in the mold is cleaned when air is pumped, and no bubbles appear on the surface of the product.

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