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Should not buy animals for kids toys
Mar 09, 2017

In real life, many parents bought back some animals makes toys for children-keep kids from any walk or have fun in the cruelty to animals. In fact, we should not let our children as a toy animal. Our children should be taught to think of animals as humans partner. Children should not be afraid of animals, nor should any of its servants or cruelty. Child abuse animals, may have the desire to control or bully. If you have birds, dogs, cats, and other animals at home, we should be educating our children: these animals can feel pain like a man. Learn to get along with animals is the child of a preparatory phase, which helps them learn to cooperate with others.
Toys as a means to a carrier, it has a positive impact on children's mental development, also has negative effects. Therefore, we should, according to a variety of toys with features, combined with the characteristics of our children, for our own children choose to benefit the development of their mental health toys.

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