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Split children toys to satisfy intellectual curiosity
Mar 09, 2017

When I put toys in kids ' hands when most of the children in the beginning, will be assured within a few months, pretty toys, has become fragmented, especially the children already know how to use pliers, a screwdriver, remove screws on to toys, toys "mutilated". Adults saw scattered in a "masterpiece", heart will feel uncomfortable, will be severely reprimanded the child.
Actually kids are full of curiosity and curiosities, like to explore the understanding of everything around. So, like destroying toys children, most of them just want to know what toy "belly" what the hell, just take it apart.
Parents not lashed to the child, requiring children to reassemble the toy, it's not an easy thing, parents should help guide, but do not completely done. Not only the internal structure so that children know toys, satisfy their curiosity, exercising the brains ability, and assemble toys hard, will make child care habits.
Everything kids do things, with him growing up, parents do not blindly ban, so that children become timid, you should let him play freely one's own nature. In addition, parents may wish to purchase more easily broken toys.

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