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To buy toys for children, should be conducive to the all-round development of children
Mar 09, 2017

Child is active in the development of all aspects of quality, and the game is a children's favorite activities in early childhood, toys are the material foundation for kids games, which is oriented for children's games features--from this sense, children have what kind of toys, he has the kind of game (activity), then what kind of development. Each toy has its specific development "function", for example, intelligence toys is mainly used to develop intellectual, sports toys are used to develop physical fitness, enhance their physical, and so on. Therefore, in order to promote children's comprehensive development, we must take account of "the principle of all-round development" for children to buy a variety of "development" toy, in order to promote children's physical and psychological development.
Is based on above awareness, we advocates, for children purchase of toy not should too stuck Yu toy of "gender" classification (as general we will for boy purchase gun, and car, and gun, and sword like, for girl purchase of often is cloth doll, and small animal,), and should let children appropriate play some "specific toy", as boy also can play small animal, and cloth doll, girl also can play gun, and car like. Because future development required a sympathetic, attentive boy, courageous, good move more are necessary qualities of modern women, and created psychological studies show that "neutral" people more creative.

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