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Toy companies need to improve toy safety
Mar 09, 2017

Children are the future masters of the nation, and the toy is essential and what is in the child process. Ensure the safety of toys, parents cannot rely security consumer awareness, government departments, especially the makers of toys, but also has a significant responsibility. On the issue of toy safety and toy safety law is through the Government, to ensure that toys sold in China is in line with the internationally accepted safety standards.
And toy of production enterprise, is should has himself of based on Enterprise conscience of industry moral code, because only manufacturing security of toy only can was consumers by recognized, then get more of market share; and a toy enterprise has no conscience, and moral of standard also does not can completely by legal to constraints, because toy is related China children physical and mental health of important products, has conscience of toy enterprise even is no related legal of hard provides, also can consciously to production security reliable of toy. Only Governments, businesses and consumers can all make a difference case, selling toys on the market, in order to let parents buy peace of mind, children have fun.
Toy major consumer groups are children, they are a special, by the guardians to protect vulnerable consumers, their surroundings and the limited awareness of product safety and awareness of self-protection is not strong, hurt a greater chance. These reasons require the toy should be based on the social responsibility of enterprises as a starting point to help children grow up healthy and happy as their responsibility in the production of toys active toys when you put safety first, strengthening the awareness of product quality and safety, reducing unsafe toys from the source onto the market, reduce the toy companies "top quality black" opportunities.

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