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Crystal Crafts Design Added Value More Than The Material Value
Mar 09, 2017

Crystal in the classification of gems belonging to low-grade gems and diamonds in the world compared to the high diamond prices far. In China, compared to crystals and hetian jade, jade, connotation and value have gaps. Crystal reserves and large crystal ornaments as a consumer than collection, from an investment perspective collection of Crystal jewelry doesn't make too much sense. But Crystal is different, because the craft has two aspects: quality, design features, the design of more added value than material value.
At home, the ancient Crystal crafts market compared with other collection classes are relatively stable, although the upward trend but does not. The main object of modern Crystal products people buy, now jewelry Crystal particles had reached about 300 yuan each. In the selection of crystals, investors should first look at the material, high quality crystal products, textures with clean, smooth, crystal clear; if impurities are defective.
Second look at work, Crystal products-processing mill and carved in two. Crystal jewelry is polished, and snuff bottles carved. Outside of well-made, fine crystal products, but also maximum shows the inner beauty of the Crystal. Color of the third is crystals, because even with a crystalline, texture and color are not the same in different parts. Monochromatic, with even better, and shades, its beautiful natural color changes are still required.