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Crystal Crafts Maintenance And Cleaning Note
Mar 09, 2017

1. Crystal brittle note against heavy pressure, shatter-resistant, high temperature, alkali, acid-proof. When you move the Crystal, it is best to wear soft cotton gloves to avoid oil pollution in the hands of a collection. Lift the Crystal items, do not hold or extension at the top part of the crystal ornaments, should seize the base of the Crystal, or the entire body. Crystal has dust collection, do not use the feather brushes, but soft and fluff-free cloth against dust, do not wipe away, avoid raw crystal.
2. If there is grease or fingerprints on the Crystal ware, you can wash with lukewarm soapy water, then rinse with clean water. To avoid duplication in the washed in hot water or cleaning agents. Cut crystal ornaments, cutting part of a free toothbrush to gently cleanse, if not easy to wash off the stain, you can cut some lemons-salt, Scrub gently. A few drops of vinegar with salt can also be used to wipe. As in the storage Crystal vase, prior shelves on the upper cloth, placed in a sealed glass crystal vase inside the Cabinet or display case, to reduce the chance of Crystal accumulation of dust on the surface, can also reduce staff exposure to avoid damage.
3. do not let the crystals are too close, or when you encounter one, other also be dumped because of the domino effect. Sure that cupboards are strong and reliable, and not easily shaken.