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Crystal Crafts Technology Application
Mar 09, 2017

Crystal is a natural quartz crystal. Pure crystal, it is very beautiful, is a six-party columnar crystals, clean and colorless, shiny and reflects all the colors in daylight colors. If there are impurities, with a color, known as Topaz, Amethyst, etc. But natural of chunks Crystal not more, General for artificial of, used colorless quartz heating to 2000 ℃ Shi formed transparent of single crystals, through cutting, and polished, method making various senior crafts, and lenses,, although with Crystal making products has resistance high temperature, and wear, and easily by acid alkali corrosion, performance, but its cost high, and processing efficiency low, and actual life in the of "Crystal crafts" is with plexiglass, and transparent resin Crystal rubber, process products processing of, these imitation crystal material transparency is good, looks like Crystal, Easy to manufacture, raw materials, easy to purchase, the price is cheap, mass machine production, can also be home hand-made.
Now this imitation Crystal process application in Conference souvenirs, and Enterprise advertisement, and process gift, and tourism souvenirs, and decorative supplies, aspects, imitation Crystal crafts has its unique of ornamental and collection sex, not only is improve its process decorative and ornamental, and most enterprises in crafts Shang printing has related of PR text and pattern, makes of in was people ornamental Shi unknowingly up to image publicity role, improve has enterprise of visibility.