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Crystal Heart Amazing
Mar 09, 2017

The Crystal from the Czech Republic's famous "Diane k.Moser Crystal" production factory, the factory produced works on as many national Ambassador of the gift, which is enshrined as a national treasure by the Czech national. Every piece of it is made up of experienced technicians after the blows, surface cutting, process engraving, gold leaf decoration, hand-made, and the most amazing color of glass blowing techniques dating back more than 5,000 years of history.
1. try to choose the city, Crystal crafts by hand, not hand-meaning it's hard to call it art.
2. on the texture and crystal clear for, should not contain impurities impurities, not worth keeping.
3. styling with strange as well, too custom products to throw an aesthetic pleasure.
4. There should be no cracks, even a small crack, but also easy to gradually enlarge until breakage.