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Crystal Wine Glasses And Glass What Is The Difference Between
Mar 09, 2017

Ordinary glass material is thicker, and in order to ensure strong cup edge reinforcement, but it does not on the tasting experience has improved. Glass is often lower prices. Because the glass is silica, the main ingredient, which is not easy to react with other substances, belonging to the inert material, and the glass airtight, so when you use the washing machine to clean and difficult to residual aromatic component corrosion or detergent in the detergent. Borosilicate glass is a kind of high-end glass, are durable, heat-resistant, scratch-resistant characteristics.
Crystal goblets are not the crystalline (quartz), but add 2%-30% to your glass made of minerals. This mineral is usually the lead, whose role is to make glass reinforced, made of glass and the lightweight and durable conditions.
Judging from the quality, whether it is lead, and lead-free crystal wine glasses are high quality glass. It is to be noted that, most lead crystal wine glass is included, but this drink wine does not lead dissolves out of the glass. Due to wine and wine glasses and long enough contact time, unless the wine is stored in lead crystal glass or decanter for up to a week or more.