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Daily Maintenance Of Crystal Method
Mar 09, 2017

1. film preservation
Film has a special coating on the surface, absorbs moisture, so save it away from moisture, temperature is not too high, the film is packed in a sealed plastic bag, sealed it in a timely manner. Film cannot be placed under high temperature or sun exposure, which can cause premature separation of coating.
2. both sides of film resolution
1, upturned side is positive, of course, our film is as flat as possible good, so this method is not very good.
2, breathe through your mouth, blew on a negative, no blew on the surface will be positive. Don't make a mistake.
3. save the glue
Glue is a light-curing of the glue, so cannot be specified without using glue before exposure, packaging, when black bottle, after each use the cover Cap. Glue contains a certain quantity of harmful ingredients, so after each use, please wash it with SOAP and glue contact place. When saved in a dark place, can't let the children touch. Above is provided by Crystal handicraft factory Zhejiang China how to save Crystal glue Crystal film and method