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How The Jade Crafts Processing
Mar 09, 2017

1, material: this is the first step, is tons of raw materials, according to the dimensions of the product cutting and demolition for the first time.
2, material: because of jade mining materials are generally primary in nature, all finished products cannot be streamlined. This step is to eliminate poor quality or choose good quality, such as cracks, stains, foam is the product affects the mood of the place. This step is very important, operator experience and careful procedures require very high. More than 40% because this will affect the price of products.
3, drilling and cutting: If the above two steps are roughing it, this step was the beginning of fine cut.
4, setting: has been selected after drilling and cutting the material, which you want to determine the size one step closer.
5, carved molding: generally divided into hand-carved molding machines, ultrasonic engraving, laser engraving. Low hand-carved molding efficiency, higher processing fees; machines can only do rounded contours; ultrasound generally only a small area of embossed product laser engraving are generally used for relief of precious jade processing, processing costs are relatively high.