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Plush Toys As Realistic As Possible To Develop The Intellectual
Mar 09, 2017

Parents can take advantage of various toys, let your baby get to know things, to explore the world of wonders, for example, baby play with stuffed animals, or give him to buy cute animal print clothing accessories, pointing at the animal, tell your baby what small animal, tease the baby mimics animal sounds, such as "bark", "cat". Playing plush doll, taught baby about features are in the name, such as understanding the doll's eyes, nose, mouth, ears, etc. First make that doll's facial features, he will understand his own facial features slowly where could teach him directly of their eyes, mouth, ears, etc. Can also teach your baby Toy Dolls, dressing, cultivating self-care ability of the infant. Adult to explain these actions as possible, the baby is in the process of getting to know learn how to use language to express, at the same time cultivating self-care ability of the infant. Play toys of various transport modes, can tell him which names, uses, features and launch voice. Can also hide these vivid toys in easy to find places for babies to find, or you can cover them with a cloth, revealing only part, babies and guess what it is.

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