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White Crystal Usage And Effects On Plants
Mar 09, 2017

Crystal pillow--this was the large Crystal stone use, usually a Crystal pillow would use up about 5 kg of gravel to sleep Amethyst stone can help fill most I have seen white Crystal, Crystal pillow powder made of crushed stone, basically recommends using mild Crystal is more suitable for the magnetic field to avoid magnetic field is too strong but difficult to sleep.
Crystal curtain – gravel drilling-string, low made a beautiful crystal to keep off the evil spirit, afraid of home have to rush to the door
--Candles, candles and Crystal stone material into different colours of candles, used to view enjoy wonderful results with little effort Oh!
Decoration – magnetic field of rubble scattered, if beautiful containers or yarn bag filled with it, set the magnetic energy in the room can also play Oh!
Fish – fish tank with Crystal stone pavers, not just crystal clear pleasure and magnetized maintenance of clean water, healthy growth of the fish is not sick!
Degaussing-degaussing, Crystal buried method degaussing, effective purification of Crystal products.