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Address:  No 22 Liutang Building Xixiang area,
Baoan District,Shenzhen City,Guangdong.China.


  • Home decoration crafts

    Home decoration crafts

    The Home decoration crafts we specialize in home decor add a touch of personal and glamorous color to your home décor. Our products for home decoration include small handicraft dolls, unique furnishings, refrigerator stickers, photo frames and crystal balls. These products have rich, vibrant colors and a good-touch surface. The products
  • Promotional gifts

    Promotional gifts

    Our company's products for promotional purposes mainly include cups, umbrellas, school bags and hats. These products are more practical and have a beautiful appearance. The products we produce meet the practical needs of many consumers. Promotional gifts not only have a good effect on promotion, but also have good practicality. In additio
  • Licenses Products

    Licenses Products

    The licensed products we produce are customized and come with a personalised trademark. These products can better reflect the brand's culture, image and value. These products mainly include snowballs, furnishings and photo frames. We are very careful in the design of the product and have a rich color scheme, so that the products we produc