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Photo Frames Christmas Craft Custom Design CVS

Photo Frames Christmas Craft Custom Design CVS

1.Why choose Goodya? 1.We are blue-chip manufacturer and merchandiser agency since 1997.we insist that Quality is soul of enterprise. 2.We have rich experience over 10 years on resin and plastic trade,also procelian. Which we have own factory in resin,plastic and procelian. 3.Our team is very...

Photo Frames Christmas Craft Custom Design CVS

The material is PVC frame + cardboard backboard, PVC frame + fiber back. The company mainly introduces cartoon paintings, cartoon letters, cartoon characters, cartoon animals, heart shapes, shoe shapes and other patterns. The appearance is beautiful, the styles are diverse, and the fashion is avant-garde. The magnetic photo frame is made of soft plastic magnet + coated paper four-color printing belly film, which can be used as a business gift, promotional item, advertising gift. Suitable for gift companies, boutiques.

The product feels thick, smooth and layered, concave and convex, like three-dimensional stereo effect

In order to be very realistic, this is a professional production line that can be produced and produced. Generally, small factories cannot achieve this effect.