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China Plastic Festival Tree Snow Globe Ball Lights

China Plastic Festival Tree Snow Globe Ball Lights

1.Why choose Goodya? 1.We are blue-chip manufacturer and merchandiser agency since 1997.we insist that Quality is soul of enterprise. 2.We have rich experience over 10 years on resin and plastic trade,also procelian. Which we have own factory in resin,plastic and procelian. 3.Our team is very...

1. The interior is made of resin material, its styling ability is very strong, as long as you can think of the shape can be produced, the performance is extremely high, you can design any style / color / size according to your requirements.

2. The product is equipped with an acrylic cover, which is safer and more durable than the glass cover.

3. We have a variety of exquisite shapes for you to choose from, such as: apples, hearts, snowflakes, and laser color films of various colors.

4. Environmentally friendly materials: The products are processed and produced with environmentally friendly raw materials. The products meet the European and American export quality standards, so that customers can receive no worries after receiving the goods.



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